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The Best in the Business

Our team is specialized in Ikea Sektion kitchen cabinet plan, assembly and installation with unmatched expertise and reputation in Florida. We don’t work for any IKEA® store. We service most of Florida, and we are available to you as small business specialist. Expert IKEA® kitchen installers. # 1
in Florida.
Our customers will have experienced, Expert IKEA® Kitchen Cabinet Installers to complete their project quickly, professionally and by the book. Nobody can install IKEA® kitchens better or faster than us. We do it right the first time and every time! Our reputation and reviews are proven and consistent.
We are Exclusive in Ikea kitchen cabinet design, assembly and installation for 20 years now. That is our niche!
Known as a go-to company in the state of Florida.

A Small Local Business

We love what we do and take pride in it. Steadfast service provider that maintains the quality of our work, our brand and our superb reputation.

We are here for informed consumers that did some research and know who’s who, and with whom you want to do business with. When you want your project done right.
Some want to experiment with your handyman in order to save couple hundred dollars? That is their business.

Our business is Expert Ikea Kitchen Installations. Fast in and out, without a fail. No experiments and no headaches.

We don’t go behind others, and we don’t do repairs or partial installations. If you make a mistake don’t expect us to pay for it. Many times customers came back to me and said: Sergio I should've hired you. many times customers paid us in full to complete their partly done and job abandoned by the unknowns as we don't take partial jobs or repairs.

We want you to be happy and we want your new Ikea kitchen to look great. In order to have that most people that know will tell you that you have to hire the expert Ikea kitchen installers.

We have been featured in many publications, we received multiple awards and were also "as seen on TV" on ABC 7 News for our fantastic work as well as our charity work and donations.

Serving Florida Longer than IKEA®

We verifiably installed over a thousand of IKEA kitchens as well as IKEA® closet, wardrobes and vanity cabinets all over Florida before, during and after our 4-year contract with IKEA®.
IKEA® Tampa, IKEA® Miami, IKEA® Sunrise, IKEA® Jacksonville, and IKEA® Orlando stores, understandably only offer and promote their corporate Ikea kitchen installation Svc.
We are not with them. We were here 1st. #1 in Florida.
If you prefer to have more than one and only corporate option Kitchen Craft LLC small business expert service is available to you directly. If you want the best in the niche and you prefer expert small business with proven stellar reputation and expertise. Verified small business specialist service rather than subcontractors, handyman and the unknowns with no proven experience in Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Assembly and Installations.

It’s important to note that Kitchen Craft LLC was a fully operational IKEA® kitchen design, assembly and installation service statewide even before IKEA® opened its first store in Florida. We had a direct contract with IKEA® as certified IKEA® kitchen installers going on 4 years before
corporate changes...
We are fully independent and available to you if you want our small business formula with unmatched reputation in Florida.

When it comes to expert Ikea kitchen design and installation service in Florida only constant is yours truly, Kitchen Craft LLC.
aka yourikeakitcheninstaller.com

No Nonsense!

Our IKEA® kitchen cabinet assembly and installation service is without a fail. Our installers are great people. We don’t employ anyone that is not fully screened, skilled, and proven to be fantastic.

Sergio will not allow anyone that didn’t go through a couple years of apprenticeship with Kitchen Craft LLC to become the crew leader. Customer feedback is as important as my personal score of any one of our team members. Our customers and myself have to
love my super team, and my team loves working with me and for our clients. It has to show, and it has to be a natural fit.
They have to be trustworthy and stellar person as well as a stellar employee. When you hire Kitchen Craft LLC for the IKEA® kitchen design or installation part of your kitchen remodeling project, you can rest assured that this business owner as well as my team are fully invested in our company’s reputation and will never pull any shenanigans with our dear customers. We love and enjoy the good Karma that comes with positive vibes as we complete each job the right way.

When you hire us, you know who you are dealing with
and you know who is entering your home. In and out, expert service, job done right every time. Difference between us and just some website claiming best of the best things is that our record is very public and verifiable. We don't sell anything.
Not even our services. It's just here and available. Not IKEA's
Expert small business service here for those who want such.

Rated "ELITE" by the BBB

Kitchen Craft LLC has been awarded a rating of "ELITE" by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This independent body recognizes the outstanding work and service we provide, giving you further reassurance that we will deliver beyond your expectations!  Our A+ was earned with constantly good service and every job done right. it was earned and maintained by the hard work and stellar reputation.
Ours is Perennially Good Service!

Led by a true expert

Kitchen Craft LLC is led by its founder and owner Sergio Milosavljevic. Sergio has decades of experience in the field and leads his team by example. Instilling drive for exceptional service and outstanding quality when installing any IKEA® kitchens.

In his spare time Sergio loves to ride his motorcycle, play tennis and ride around with his loyal companions Ace and Czar.
Sergio is also very involved in local communities and charities.

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